Stevie Mitchell

Stevie Mitchell is a leader whose mission is to inspire others to create their story. She is a shaper of generations who believes you don’t have to be tied to your past nor the heritage you are born into. With a passion to partner with people who are in the process of breaking down barriers and walking in freedom, she encourages people to live out the “God said” in their lives. She is known for her down to earth, fun, interactive teaching style to all ages.

Stevie has served in Pastoral ministry for 25 years. Over those years she has been blessed to be involved in many different churches and ministries! She now finds herself ministering in a different light, through her very own “God said” Stevie’s Table.

Her #1 favorite thing that makes her heart smile is to invite people to her home and share a meal around the family table. These intentional moments are filled with sharing, laughter and making memories. Stevie is super creative and has “the eye” for design. She loves to take things that were created for one purpose and re-purpose them into something else... she always has a design project going on! In her natural Stevie manor, she brings others along on these projects and with joy passes on any helpful hints she’s acquired over the years.

Stevie has been married thirty-nine years and has three adult children, one beautiful daughter in-law and three grands! She believes her greatest accomplishment in life is to have married John and is in awe of the privilege of raising three kids who are more gifted and talented than she could ever dream. Currently, Stevie and her husband John, live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

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Get to know Stevie…

  • Home State: Vermont

  • Favorite Movie: There is so many to choose from… but, definitely a feel good sappy type movie where love always wins. Sabrina, Ever After, and there is always Hallmark movies.

  • Coffee or Tea: I love a good smooth non-fat iced latte, and apricot or citrus green tea. No fu-fu stuff for me.

  • Favorite Color: Depends on what it is for... Red always makes me smile, but white is always crisp and clean. I guess it really depends on what kind of a mood I am in. The only "no-go's" for me when it comes to color would be orange, burgandy, and dark brown.

  • Describe your perfect table design: One where my family and friends are sitting around the table with me.

  • Living or dead, who would fill your dream table? (You have 6 seats to fill, and Jesus is already seated. Bonus points if you share your menu.): My great-grandma, I believe she is the one who interceded quietly for me. A few months after her death I asked Jesus into my heart. My Dad, I would want to thank him for being such a man of integrity, for modeling a heart of service, and training me to see what others don’t see. My mom, who along with John carried such a huge weight in the spirit as she covered me in prayer daily. Then I would break the rules and add more chairs to my table and invite all of my family to join us! I would want my great grandma, dad, and mom, to see the legacy that they are responsible for.

  • What is a favorite table moment of yours? I love just the stories that are shared. I love the life that happens, the giggles, and even the tears. I love that if we create an atmosphere for His presence, then He is always faithful to join us at the table and memories are created!