Where it all began...

Where it all began...

You know those “Ahaah” moments … A moment that just grabs ahold of you capturing your total attention then stirs in you a lifetime of memories, traditions, knowledge and belief systems that all converge together … and you realize, that it all came together for this moment in time. 

For me, it was about thirteen years ago. I remember walking into my kitchen one morning and realizing as I glanced at my new gathering table that it was more than just a place for eating.  The “Ahaah” began to burst inside and I realized a life time of some of my favorite moments had come to this …. life happens around the table.  It was such a revelation — who knew that at that very moment my life's message began stirring inside me.

Honestly, up to that point, I didn’t realize I was into tables. Being the late bloomer that I am, I didn’t realize how important the table was.  I didn’t see or pay attention to what was happening day in and day out around my table or what God was doing.

A few days later, I walked into the worship service of Grace North Church, where I am on staff, and realized that there were quite a few people in the church that I didn’t really know and that I had never invited them to my home.  That morning the Supper Club was dropped into my heart. You know, I love God’s sense of humor,  He gave me enough of the plan for me to say “yes” and not overwhelm me. If He had told me that for almost two years I would host an average of 60 people at my home for supper on Wednesday nights… I would of told him He was crazy!  But those of you who know me know I love crazy and probably would have done it anyway. #respectthecrazy 

It was during this season that the inspiration from the Supper Club began to unfold the vision for Life Happens Around the Table.  God revealed how much of my life was a training ground and that much of what we did as a family was really about what was occurring in the supernatural.  

My table is a gathering place set for intentional meals, sharing, making memories, telling stories, playing games, doing projects, praying, laughing, mentoring, sewing, releasing destiny, and purposes unfolding. Sometimes it’s even set with big box of tissues ready for that special person who just needs to be heard.  

Life Happens Around The Table is a place where we will gather online once a month to glean ideas, make friendships, trade recipes, all while discovering and being inspired to create a family atmosphere and home that nurtures an incredible legacy. Did you know you’re worth establishing your very own legacy?  Whether you’re just starting out in life or in the latter half… you have something to give, some room to grow and someone who is watching what you will do. Life is going to happen, so let’s make it around the table. 

I’m encouraging you today to take a few moments to reflect and think about your memories of life around a table and share them with us. Please email them to info@steviestable.com.

Intentionally make room for the unexpected.

Table Memories

Table Memories