Choose Joy

Choose Joy

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.’
— Galatians 5:22 

As I sit in my prayer chair this morning and glance over at that simple black & white sign "choose Joy" it seems bigger than life.  I would like to say that I have mastered the art of having a happy heart but that would be a lie. Now, some moments are better than others, but what I do know is that its always a choice. I can choose to trust Jesus with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and in the midst of trials I can have joy!

About 9 months ago, Holy Spirit spoke to me one morning and said you are entering into a season where you will need to choose joy.  I remember thinking "Hmm... okay God, sure."  I tend to always see the cup half empty, I know I am a realist and am always seeing how things could be better. In all of those tendencies, I do try to portray a happy heart.  I also remember thinking "Uh-oh what's about to happen?"  I'm so bad, I don't know why I do that but I think the worst when that was never God's intent. I tend to see limits from my small perspective instead of focusing on God, allowing myself to see limitless possibilities. I was confident in that split second that what I did know was that God was preparing to grow me. 

A few days later I was in Hobby Lobby and saw this simple sign that said, "Choose joy"!  I started thinking of reasons why I didn't need another sign from Hobby Lobby... (when do I ever need another sign from Hobby Lobby LOL). After coming up with a few, including that it didn't match anything in my current home, Holy Spirit nudged me and reminded me that I needed the visual reminder. Again my mind starts racing wondering what am I in for.

So I was obedient and I bought the sign. (It was even on clearance...score!) I quietly placed it where it would daily remind me that I had an opportunity to choose joy.  No one else saw it, but every morning it caught my eye.  It was as if Holy Spirit was saying, "Today, what will you choose? Remember Stevie, you have an opportunity to choose joy."

As a young mom I would often tell my kids to have a happy heart. There were moments that they chose well and other times it took everything in me not to burst out laughing as their face and body would contort into all kinds of expressions, none of which reflected a happy heart.  Then there was that look that fakes I'm happy on the outside cause mom won't let up till I do, but on the insides it was anything but happy. 

As ridiculous as a child looks when throwing a fit or trying to put an expression on that clearly doesn't reflect their true feelings, I wonder how we look to our Father when we are in the same position. I imagine He giggles and says something like, "Really Stevie, lets look at your heart for a moment...  Now what's that in there?  Is that joy I see?" Like he doesn't already know its not, then He ever so gently asks "What will you choose?"  

The thing about choosing joy, is that it always results in an out flow of forgiveness, love, trust, and comfort, not in the circumstances you are facing but in your creator that you've chosen to turn your face to. When joy is in your heart then disappointments can't rob you, nor can offenses occur. I am continually reminded that I have a choice. I get to choose! God doesn't give me a happy heart, He doesn't force feed me joy.  It is a byproduct of trusting that He is in control, that His promises are true, that He's got my back, and that He is not a liar.  If God is for me.... than who can be against me?

Choosing joy may come a bit more natural for you, but what is there that God is asking you to choose today? What is it in you that needs to be yielded to the Father in exchange for one of His truths? I'm going to go out on a limb here, that I may not be the only one that throws "fits " whatever they may look like.   But I am confident that we always have an opportunity to make a choice to choose His ways over our own. Hey, it may require a little shopping to find a perfect reminder! Don't get too crazy. I know God is creative but is he really telling you to buy that handbag to help you practice patience?? lol.  I'm so excited to hear what you choose! Below is a list of choices I wrote out in my journal, maybe one will strike a chord in your heart. 

Choosing joy,


  • joy
  • to be thankful
  • give honor
  • focus on the God said
  • listen to Holy Spirits voice
  • get rid of all voices other than God's voice
  • surrender to His voice
  • His ways
  • obedience
  • life
  • love
  • to see the good
  • best
  • to see God
  • look for God in every circumstance
  • give thanks
  • to build up
  • to look for God in every person
  • to trust
  • to focus on all that I have to be thankful for
  • freedom
  • deliverance
  • anointing
  • presence
  • wisdom
  • revelation
  • to listen
  • to wait on His timing
  • action
  • to be what He says I am
  • forgiveness
  • to have an open heart to receive his word
  • to pray
  • yes and amen.
  • Jesus
  • grace
  • to see the cup have full not half empty
  • to see the positive
  • not to make excuses
  • to speak to the dry bones
  • peace
  • self-control
  • to give 100%
  • generosity
  • to give freely
  • honor others thru giving
  • to remember
  • to make memories
  • a legacy
  • to live the dash well
  • what people will say about me
  • God's promises
  • to give prizes
  • to sit at the table
  • to be family
  • to make someones day
  • to honor others with my words
  • the fruits of the spirit
  • see what God sees
  • to pull out of others their best
  • purpose
  • destiny
  • God's plan
  • to give blessings
  • to be a blessing
  • abundance
  • revival
  • to step in the river


ASK then ACT!

ASK then ACT!